Thursday, June 14, 2007

Calendar and Stuff

We are working on another calendar. Last year's was a success and everyone was so appreciative of our efforts and said such kind words to all of us really trying to get this formatted printed and out the door. We did find out that you really need to start the process prior to September of the previous year :( We didn't plan on doing a calendar, the reason this was started was because after viewing ALL of the professional calendars coming out for 2007 none of them had the type of patterns that our group enjoys doing. You would think a calendar having 365 patterns would devote at least 50+ patterns for the home. All it would have taken was a little research on the Internet to see what interests are out there and give the customers what they want.

We are doing it a little different this year due to the problems we had delivering the calendars so we won't be using USPS this time. There will be more posted here as we progress on our calendar.

I recently sent some stitch markers to one of our supporters. It is a little difficult getting close ups but anyway...I did post a photo here of what I sent. They have such cool beads out there now and I couldn't resist some animal print one's and some beautiful colors of crystal.

I buy most of my supplies from Fire Mountain Gems and Oriental Traders. Well...until recently. I spend around $60+ when I do order from them but I had a bad experience with Oriental Traders and won't be giving them anymore of my business. I can understand following procedures and all that but when I need to know when something is going to be resolved I don't want to hear "well it isn't our fault"...where did this uncaring, lack of empathy and general attitude come to in this country? I worked as a Director in Customer Service and over Operations with the phone company and I would NOT put up with that kind of service from my employees and can't imagine why this is so prevalent now. I have learned that the way to get a message across is through the pocketbook, meaning you don't deal with these people after you have been mis-treated by them.

NOW FOR FUN....I am having a fun give-away at our Monthly Dishcloth Group in celebration of the 4th of July. If you are in that group you will want to be watching your emails and visit my site often to get more information. You can also check out our group at

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