Monday, March 10, 2008

New Cloth Design

Hi and it's been a while, I am just getting around to posting on my blog, it has been a rough few months personally and what I need to get back to is working on the calendar for 2009, which I love working on.

As I do some designs that I am not going to use for the calendar, I will pass along. A few months back I promised a lace cloth to someone and can't remember who it was but anyway I am posting it here for those interested in trying something different. This particular pattern I was trying different types of lace stitches with as an experiment with using one as a border pattern and the other in the body of the cloth. They were separated with stockenette rows. The lace pattern for the border, although it is hard to see resembles little baskets. So you can use part or all or whatever if you wish.

Lace on Lace Cloth
Janet Nogle © March 2008

Size 7 Needles
Cast On: Multiple of 7 + 2 + Border: 40 (28+2+10=36)
Color: 1 Skein Cotton Yarn, I used Bright Pink

Knit 4 rows

1. Knit Across
2. K5, P30, K5
3. Knit Across
4. K5, P30, K5
5. Knit Across
6. K5, P30, K5
7. Knit Across
8. K5, P30, K5

9. K5, * K2, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K2; Rep *, end K2, K5
10. K5, P30, K5
11. K5, * K2 Tog, YO P3, YO Sl 1-K1-PSSO *; Rep *, end K2, K5
12. K5, P2, *P1, K5, P1 *; Rep *, end K5
13. K5, * K2, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K2; Rep *, end K2, K5
14. K5, P30, K5

15. Knit Across
16. K5, P30, K5
17. Knit Across
18. K5, P30, K5
19. Knit Across
20. K5, P30, K5
21. Knit Across
22. K5, P30, K5

23. K2, * Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K3, YO K1, YO K3, K2 Tog, K1; Rep *, end K2
24. K2, P36, K2
25. K2, * Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K2, YO K3, YO K2, K2 Tog, K1; Rep *, end K2
26. K2, P36, K2
27. K2, * Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K1, YO K5, YO K1, K2 Tog, K1; Rep *, end K2
28. K2, P36, K2
29. K2, * YO K3, K2 Tog, K1, Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K3, YO K1; Rep *, end K2
30. K2, P36, K2
31. K2, *K1, YO K2, K2 Tog, K1, Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K2, YO K2; Rep *, end K2
32. K2, P36, K2
33. K2, *K2, YO K1, K2 Tog, K1, Sl 1-K1-PSSO, K1, YO K3; Rep *, end K2

34. Knit Across
35. K5, P30, K5
36. Knit Across
37. K5, P30, K5
38. Knit Across
39. K5, P30, K5
40. Knit Across
41. K5, P30, K5

42. K5, * K2, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K2; Rep *, end K2, K5
43. K5, P30, K5
44. K5, * K2 Tog, YO P3, YO Sl 1-K1-PSSO *; Rep *, end K2, K5
45. K5, P2, *P1, K5, P1 *; Rep *, end K5
46. K5, * K2, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K2; Rep *, end K2, K5
47. K5, P30, K5

48. Knit Across
49. K5, P30, K5
50. Knit Across
51. K5, P30, K5
52. Knit Across
53. K5, P30, K5
54. Knit Across
55. K5, P30, K5

Knit 4 rows
Bind Off
Notes: When doing a YO (Yarn Over) after a purl stitch, see row 11, your yarn will already be in place for the next stitch…example Row 11: K5, *K2tog, YO P3, YO Slip 1-Knit 1-PSSO (after your YO P3, Leave your yarn in front and continue with your Slip 1 – Knit 1 – PSSO.
YF = Yarn Forward YO = Yarn Over
When doing a YO and purling, make sure your yarn has made a complete circle around your needle or your stitch count will be off.
I hope everyone has a nice Easter.
Janet Nogle


DawnK said...

That's a pretty dishcloth!

Arty Lady's blog said...

What a gorgeous dishcloth. Just one question - do you ever have "me" time or is knitting your indulgence? Your dedication is admirable.


cedarstrings said...

I have been mostly lurking for a couple of months on the monthly dishcloth group; I am enjoying the KALs. I was browsing the peaches & creme website, clicked the knitting calendar link and found Janets Knitting Room.

You and I have some parallels in our lives over the past year; I lost my husband and best friend of 34 years on April 30, 2007, three weeks after a cancer diagnosis. I believe I have been in shock since he first got sick, and although my wonderful 9-year-old daughter is the light of my life, I feel like rediscovering knitting has restored some sanity and peace to the very grey days. Thank you for all you do for the Yahoo group, and for some lovely patterns.
becolvin2006 on monthly dishcloths; cedarstrings on ravelry. blogspot: